Brewery reviews- New York

March 31, 2017



Angry Orchard

2241 Albany Post Road, Walden, NY

Founded: 1997

Last visit: October 2017


Nice: They brew hard ciders with varying flavors using increasingly-interesting ingredients.

Look for the big red barn, then drive a bit to their taproom.

Thorough self-guided tour highlighting their history and facts about cider-making.

Stupid: The Treehouse by itself is not really worth checking out so get on a tour of it!

Notes: They offer different tours at different times of different days. Check the website.

Favorite cider: Knotty Pear

Food: There's a small food stand on weekdays and at least one food truck on weekends.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Brooklyn Brewery

79 North 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Founded: 1996

Last visit: May 2015


Nice: Their excellent beers put Williamsburg on the craft beer (and hipster) map.

The brewery's history is quite interesting. There's even a book about it.

They've expanded overseas. I had a Brooklyn Lager in Sweden!

Stupid: They're only open Friday nights and weekends, but they offer "Small-Batch Tours" during the other days. Book online.

Notes: Their famous B logo was designed by the same guy responsible for the I [heart] NY logo.

Favorite beer: Black Ops (Russian imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels)

Food: No food served.

Rating:🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

444 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY

Founded: 2005

Last visit: November 2014


Nice: Many different flagship and specialty beers to choose from.

You can book online for a public or private brewery tour.

They host an annual Sour'd In September festival, which features their and other local sour beers.

Stupid: A busy Saturday meant a long line straight down the middle of the taproom.

Notes: They cannot sell pints of beer directly so they sell tokens which you can then exchange for pints. Clever!

Favorite beer: Sambucan Wit

Food: There's usually a food truck or two.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Catskill Brewery

672 Old Route 17, Livingston Manor, NY

Founded: 2014

Last visit: August 2017


Nice: Housed in a large building made to resemble a red barn. (Park across the street.)

Nine beers on-tap, a cask, and they brew their own coffee.

Stupid: The bartenders were not rude but certainly not welcoming nor enthusiastic.

Notes: Their logo is a screaming raccoon's face and it's pretty awesome.

Favorite beer: Berliner Weisse

Food: Popcorn!

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Cooperstown Brewing Company

110 River Street, Milford, NY

Founded: 1995

Last Visit: September 2015


Nice: Most everything is baseball-themed, because Cooperstown is where the Baseball Hall Of Fame is located.

Near Brewery Ommegang.

Good view of their Peter Austin brewing system, which is world-renowned for quality.

Bambino Amber was brewed in collaboration with Babe Ruth's descendants.

Stupid: Most everything is baseball-themed. I hate baseball but that didn't stop me from enjoying this place.

Notes: As you can see above, this brewery is not in Cooperstown. It was supposed to be but the town gave the founder a hard time so he moved one town over but kept the name. Score 1 for that guy!

Favorite beer: Induction Ale (rye)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Crooked Ladder Brewing Company

70 West Main Street, Riverhead, NY

Founded: 2013

Last visit: March 2017


Nice: Cool environment in an old firehouse.

Good deal for the flight- $10 for eight samples and a pint glass.

Well-located on a main street. Main Street, in fact!

Stupid: Beers were fairly homebrewy.

Notes: Small place without a lot of seating so be prepared to stand if it's even mildly busy.

Favorite beer: Amarillo Pale Ale

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Death Ave. Brewing Company

315 10th Avenue, New York, NY

Founded: 2014

Last visit: September 2017


Nice: Right off the High Line greenway at 28th Street.

Stupid: The service was very slow and unenthusiastic, which wasn't unique to me according to online reviews.

Notes: The regular prices for beers were expensive (even for NYC) so go during happy hour.

Favorite beer: Amber IPA (which is definitely not an IPA)

Food: Decent-sized menu of Greek-inspired dishes.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Defiant Brewing Company

6 Dexter Plaza, Pearl River, NY

Founded: 2005

Last visit: January 2015


Nice: Many tasty beers of all kind on-tap.

Long hours 7 days per week.

They host the Abominable Snowfest every Winter, featuring local breweries, artisans, and music.

Notes: When I went, they were in the process of combining two spaces into what would be a large one. I hope this has happened.

Favorite beer: Abominable Snow Beer

Food: Awesome barbecue food cooked right in their smoker.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.


Industrial Arts Brewing Company

55 West Railroad Avenue, Garnerville, NY

Founded: 2016

Last visit: August 2019


Nice: Cool location in an industrial park.

Big facility with lots of seating at the bar and picnic tables.

Hudson Valley wine available for those who don't do beer.

Stupid: Too many similar IPAs on tap.

Notes: They have a second location about 30 miles north in Beacon.

Favorite beer: Fjörd Escape (Nordic IPA)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.


Long Ireland Beer Company

817 Pulaski Street, Riverhead, NY

Founded: 2014

Last visit: March 2017


Nice: Very nice Irish-style beers.

Open daily.

I give them props for the clever name. The theme is Ireland; it's on Long Island. Get it?

Stupid: Hipster bartender was more-interested in flirting with a girl than providing decent service to anyone else. Hopefully he's changed or they let him go.

Notes: They have a Mug Club for locals or anyone planning to become one.

Favorite beer: Celtic Ale (Irish red)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Moustache Brewing Company

400 Hallett Avenue, Riverhead, NY

Founded: 2012

Last visit: March 2017


Nice: Very friendly and helpful bartenders.

Clever merchandise based on the company's name.

Stupid: Bad parking situation leads to a cramped taproom.

Notes: To-go beer is $17-18 for a four-pack so be prepared.

Favorite beer: Lawn Beer (cream ale)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Newburgh Brewing Company

88 South Colden Street, Newburgh, NY

Founded: 2012

Last visit: February 2017


Nice: Huge taproom on second floor of a warehouse, which overlooks Hudson River.

Very friendly staff including Hoodie, the brewery's cat and mascot.

They often host trivia nights, live music, and charity events with guest bartenders from the organizations.

Stupid: They don't have a proper parking lot but there is usually enough space between the street in front and a lot just up a nearby hill.

Notes: Their flagship Cream Ale has won awards for both taste and logo of its can.

Favorite beer: Winter Spruce Porter

Food: Decent-sized menu of interesting, locally-sourced dishes.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Brewery Ommegang

656 Highway 33, Cooperstown, NY

Founded: 1997

Last visit: August 2017


Nice: Large, impressive property.

The best Belgian-style beers outside of Belgium.

Big serving room with a long bar and lots of seating.

Stupid: I had a boring tour led by an unenthusiastic guide. Hopefully the others are better.

Notes:Their grain silo was painted to look like a cow. Photo op!

Favorite beer: Adoration (Winter strong)

Food: Full menu. Veggie burger was very good.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Po'Boy Brewery

200 Wilson Street, Port Jefferson Station, NY

Founded: 2017

Last visit: September 2017


Nice: Cajun/Bayou theme with plenty of tchotchkes and fake animal heads on the walls.

Cool smaller seating area in the back that's made to look like the front of someone's house.

Got a nice greeting from enthusiastic owner Bobby, who tries to do such for everyone.

Stupid: The beers were decent but there's definitely room for improvement.

Notes: Long Island's only farm brewery. They also make hard ciders.

Favorite beer: Bayou Barn (saison)

Food: Small snacks like pretzels and chips with various dips.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Port Jeff Brewing Company

22 Mill Creek Road, Port Jefferson, NY

Founded: 2011

Last visit: September 2017


Nice: Large porch around the building.

Stupid: I found the employees and atmosphere rather uninviting.

Small taproom in the middle of a very touristy town.

Notes: Check the website for their Summer concert series.

Favorite beer: Port Jeff Porter

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Rushing Duck Brewing Company

1 Battiato Lane, Chester, NY

Founded: 2012

Last visit: February 2017


Nice: A various selection of tasty beers.

Taproom is intimate (though some might say small).

Stupid: Limited parking so ask the bartender if you're unsure about your spot.

Notes: Close to Touch Base Bar & Grill, which has a good beer selection (including RD) and a basic food menu.

Favorite beer: Eastern Bloc Party (Baltic porter)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.



Trout Town @ The Roscoe Beer Company

145 Rockland Road, Roscoe, NY

Founded: 2013

Last Visit: August 2017


Nice: Gorgeous wooden building.

Plenty of seating, including stools and couches made from kegs.

An interesting self-serve beer station. Ask the bartender before using.

Stupid: Easy to pass if it's not in your GPS.

Notes: Roscoe Beer Company is the name of the brewery but all the beers are labeled under Trout Town. That is the nickname for Roscoe but I don't understand the discrepancy. Go find out!

Favorite beer: Whittle Wee Heavy

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

114 Little York Road, Warwick, NY

Founded: 1994

Last visit: April 2017


Nice: Not a brewery but they produce everything else- wine, liquor, and cider. However, they usually have a guest tap of a beer from New York.

Picturesque farmland with lots of outdoor seating.

Open year-round and host events such as apple picking and concerts.

Stupid: Gets very busy, especially in warm weather. Plenty of parking but you may have to walk a bit over dirt paths. Come prepared. And bring a blanket to sit on!

Notes: Somewhat remote destination but you could easily spend an entire afternoon here.

Favorite drink: Doc's Sour Cherry Hard Apple Cider

Food: Pané Café is on-site with really good pizza, sandwiches, and salads. It's cash-only though the rest of the facility accepts cards.

Rating: 🍺🍺  Definitely go.



Westtown Brew Works

236 Schefflers Road, Westtown, NY

Founded: 2014

Last visit: April 2017


Nice: A farm brewery, which means they grow some of the ingredients they use in brewing.

Nice outside area with a view of their hopyard and the land beyond.

Dogs are welcomed and pretty much encouraged.

Stupid: Most of their beers fall somewhere between homebrew- and professional-tasting.

Notes: Based on T-shirts, the clientele I saw seemed to largely enjoy hunting. Make of that what you will.

Favorite beer: Third Born- "German sour wheat beer". Not sour at all but quite tasty.

Food: There is a pizza stand on-site. Hours differ from the taproom so check before going.

Rating: 🍺  Skippable.

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