Brewery reviews- Ohio

March 31, 2017



BrewDog DogTap

96 Gender Road, Canal Winchester, OH

Founded: 2017
(BrewDog itself was founded in 2007)

Last visit: November 2017


Nice: The Scottish brewery's first American taproom.

They always push the boundaries of beer and have quirky names for their brews.

Huge facility offering tours all but Mondays and Tuesdays. (book online)

Stupid: It's in Ohio, which isn't very interesting. But check this place out then MAKE Ohio interesting.

Notes: They're scheduled to open an on-site hotel in 2018.

Favorite beer: Zeitgeist (dark lager)

Food: Full menu of bar food

Rating: 🍺🍺Definitely go.


Great Lakes Brewing Company

2516 Market Avenue, Cleveland, OH

Founded: 1986

Last visit: November 2017


Nice: Good location off of busy West 25th Street.

Near many bars and other breweries.

Much history to the brewery itself and within the city.

Stupid: The gift shop is open earlier than the facility. I'm just bummed about that because I got there early.

Notes: Tours are only on weekends and should be booked online.

Favorite beer: Edmund Fitzgerald (porter)

Food: Full restaurant menu.

Rating: 🍺🍺 Definitely go.


Hansa Brewery

2717 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH

Founded: 2013

Last visit: November 2017


Nice: Big place with plenty of seating and guest beers and a full bar.

Tasty mostly German-style beers, some of which have won awards.

Nothing but German music playing. I heard plenty of polka but no Rammstein.

Stupid: I was the only person there on a Tuesday night but I asked the bartender if that was normal and she replied, "No. There's usually twice as many people here."

Notes: Attached to a lovely German food market.

Favorite beer: Black Flag (Schwarzbier)

Food: A full menu of German-themed food and other things for those who enjoy more than meat and pretzels.

Rating: 🍺🍺 Definitely go.


Rhinegeist Brewery

1910 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH

Founded: 2013

Last visit: April 2016


Nice: Huge building was a bottling plant which dates back to 1895

Straight-forward solid group of beers of many styles.

Their large rooftop bar is open when the weather isn't terrible.

Stupid: It's in a not-great-looking area of the city with crumbly one-way streets but I didn't have any problems.

Notes: Name is German for "Ghost Of The Rhine", a big and important river in Europe.

Favorite beer: Panther (porter)

Food: No food served.

Rating: 🍺🍺 Definitely go.

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